Halloween is Coming…

Halloween is coming……..love this time of year, the colours are amazing, and i get very excited about Halloween, I’m a big kid at at heart!!

So this month I get to play with Halloween products…..oh and its all amazing.

What to make?…… well……

The Apothecary

Using a dinky mdf upright from Thompson’s Craft Supplies,

I added some brick work using heavy duty paste on the back and the flat of the stand and when dry I painted and inked the brickwork until I was happy with the colour.


I then fussy cut lots of bottles and other ephemera from the papers I had in my kit …………

I inked them to dull the white a bit.

I then layered using 3d foam pads and 3d gel , I layered them up, I also added some cheese cloth rto the back ground that I had coloured.

I used the purple wired ribbon to make a curtain.

I added the title using gel to make it stand up and using 3d gel I added the art grit, when all was dry I splattered.


You can find a lot of these items in our kits and previous kit embellishment bags