Explore The Universe

Louise here with a piece of wall art today.

I recently met with the ladies at Hobilicious  and they kindly gave me some lovely pieces to work with. One was a soon to be released piece, these 3 wooden style panels. I began by adding cheesecloth, some netting and a piece of lace using Fabrika Decoru matte medium

I coated this in FD black gesso

I also black gessoed some metals, some Prima moulded pieces and a layered moon piece from Hobilicious.

Here’s a close up on the texture once painted.

All my items were stuck to the main part using FD 3D gel.

With this piece I wanted to create the sense of light and dark as if it were a night sky lighted by the stars and moon.

To achieve this, I firstly lightened the moon piece, stars and areas around it with FD white gesso.

I then wanted to add some colour to the sky a bit. I used some FD watered down magic paints and Prima Impasto paints

I coated all the moon cluster, stars and wigs in Prima Sparks paint in Unicorn. They are super pigmented and sparkly. For an extra bit of shine, I mixed some iridescent prima mica powder into the FD matte medium and brushed it over some areas.

To finish, I painted a wooden ‘explore’ embellishment in black gesso and dried, and then embossed with a purple iridescent embossing powder. I lifted this off the background by adding to a piece of paper coated in the same sparks paint. I added some Prima melange pebbles to again imitate stars or the such like.

Here is the finished piece and some close ups. I hope you’ll give this light and dark method a try.