TCS Online Retreat Oct 2020

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Retreat 2020


The retreat we had planned has been getting closer and closed and I have had to make some difficult decisions. My priority is that of everyone’s safety. Although we have seen a great improvement in current circumstances, I think the examples of London and Leicester have shown that this year at least is still very unpredictable. This, alongside the fact that planning for a retreat does not happen overnight, I have unfortunately decided that an in person retreat cannot take place this year. We do have something else in mind and will meet again in person Oct 2021

We could wait to see what things looked like say in September, but this would give me anywhere near enough time to organise stock. Or on the other hand, I could order stock now and then the retreat is cancelled and I am left with no retreat at all and a lot of stock that I have no use for. I am a very small business and this would have an extremely damaging impact on me which I many not even be able to recover from. With all this in mind, I have come up with an idea I hope you will all agree is the best solution in this impossible time.

The Retreat:

So, don’t be too down as I hope I have come up with something you will enjoy. I know it won’t be the same as meeting in person as the team, me and my family all love to see you and catch up and have a giggle as well as the crafting. However, I hope this can be the next best thing and we can all catch up in a different way.

Firstly, those who have already paid deposits or more, I will be contacting you individually and we will decide between us what is best for you so please do not panic. If this idea is not for you, then that is OK I will understand and we can resolve that.

But, before you decide, let me tell you my plans.

An online retreat to take place the same weekend as the retreat was originally organised for – Oct 2nd – 4th 2020
It will take place in a private Facebook group for retreat attendees only – classes to be taught online by tutors as originally planned – Myself, Kasia and Lorna
. 3 classes as originally planned – 1 all day class altering a set of boxes with Kasia, 2 half day classes – 1 mixed media scrapbook class with Lorna and 1 altered wooden piece with me  – first samples shown above, with finished samples to follow
Kits to be sent to your home address – normally in in person classes you share things like gesso etc – we will send you your own – you will only need basic tools like paintbrushes, tape etc – a full equipment list will be provided before the retreat so you can get ready
Basic instruction and the items required for each of the classes will also be included in the kits sent to your home for quick reference and to allow you to get ready – more details will be given in the actual classes
You will also receive in the post a good bag worth at least a retail price of 30 pounds and some extra treats – just as I would when we meet in person
Opportunities to win prizes during the live classes as well as during some fun time in the evenings
We will look into have a group call via Facebook or zoom so we can actually see each other – I’m thinking on the Friday before classes start at the weekend. we can all grab a drink, some snacks and have a good natter and I’ll introduce the retreat
You will have opportunity to order from the shop and have it sent with your kits at no additional postage cost (postage will be included in the retreat costs)
The classes and any other videos or photos or posts will remain on the group for you to access after the event – so you can choose when to take the classes or watch them back if you wanted to say check what we used or how something was used – this Is a big advantage over the in person class
There will also be some bonus challenges for you to try you hand at after the retreat to test out those skills you have learnt – for example it may be a mood board, a tic tac toe grid etc
Continued support after the weekend – we will be contactable after thee retreat for any questions you have about the classes, materials and such like.
The cost of the full weekend to include all your classes, materials and everything I have mentioned above including shipping to address will be 200 pounds

So What happens next?

As stated, I will be in touch with anyone who has already made any form of payment to see how you want to proceed.
If you’re new to the retreat that’s great we are more than happy to welcome you on board
A deposit, if not already paid, of 60 pounds needs to be paid by the 26th July, a minimum of a further 70 pounds by the 16th August, the remaining balance by the 6th Sept
To book or for any questions please pop me a message here on the website contact form,  Facebook page or to my -personal profile or to our email at

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