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crackle medium is a one-component, water-based medium, transparent. It is used to create cracks on hard surfaces. It leads to cracking of acrylic paint or varnish, which are applied directly on top of the medium. Without smell.

The method of using craquelure medium:

1) pre-prepare the surface to be decorated with soil. Allow the soil to dry well, then apply a layer of acrylic paint (the color of future cracks) or stick an image (after that protect the image with two layers of acrylic varnish).

2) when the paint or varnish is completely dry, apply a thin layer of craquelure medium with a soft, wide synthetic brush. The drying time of the craquelure depends on the goal. The wetter and thicker the layer of the medium – the larger the cracks will form, the drier and thinner the layer – the thinner and more elegant craquelure.

3) Next, a second coat of paint should be applied over the ground, which should be in contrast with the first coat in color. Do not use metallic paint (gold, copper, silver, bronze) as the second layer, they do not crack, they can be used as the first background layer.

The nature of the cracks will depend on the tool with which you applied the second layer of acrylic paint: when working with a brush, cracks form along the direction of movement of the brush, when working with a sponge, cracks appear in a chaotic manner.

Attention!  Paint should be applied in one coat, the second coat will not crack anymore.


  • Do not freeze.
  • Storage conditions from + 5 to + 40 ° C.
  • Do not give to children under 14 years of age.
  • The product is not subject to mandatory certification.
  • Non toxic
  • Volume 75ml. (approx 2.64 oz)


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